What are the causes of kidney infections
ckdsite posted:
What are the causes of kidney infections, not including bladder infection? [br>I've had 2 kidney infections in the past 4 months, and neither stemmed from a bladder infection. I have no more sign of infection (according to a Urinalysis ), but my kidney hurts.. My back is killing me, and when I press on my kidney area it is very tender.. it also feels swollen in there. What can be wrong?
and i found this article is about kidney disease causes ,please help me : http://www.renalfailuresite.com/causes/1714.html

Renal insufficiency(deficiency) is bringing health hazards and great sufferings to an increasing number of patients. The causes for the disease are what most patients are mostly concerned about. Due to severe kidney necrosis or sclerosis, the patients experience a series of clinical syndromes which include metabolic waste accumulation, electrolyte disorders, acid-base imbalances, water retention, etc. Renal insufficiency can be divided into acute type or chronic type.
john-skpt responded:
I'm not sure what the questions about infection have to do with the rest of the material posted: those are two totally different discussions and have almost nothing to do with one another.

Now, about infection: you have to remember that the whole urinary tract is connected, so an infection in one area can easily spread or be passed to a different area. That's just the way things go.

So there really is not a great deal of difference between a bladder infection, a kidney infection, or any other name you want to call them. They are all urinary tract infections.