pd i need support
hopieb posted:
hi ..i'm on pd this is my first time on this site..i'd like to talk w/ others on pd..i've only been on it less then a year and its been a real adjustment...how do you deal with cramping during fill periods??
what antibiotic do you use for periotitis?hopieb
john-skpt responded:
I was on HD then PD then went back to HD while waiting for a transplant.

Cramping can have a few fixes: make sure the fill solution is at or near body temperature before you start, and try not to let it fill or drain too rapidly.

Peritonitis can be a genuinely severe infection. I had it once, and from the first second that i noticed cloudy solution, I phoned the doc and he put me into the hospital right away. It was about 25 minutes from my house to the hospital and by the time i got there, i was in sever pain. It took a combo of several drugs, including Vancomycin and Flagyl to get it cleared up. No fun at all.