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kidney stones
An_247337 posted:
Good morning, I have a questions for anyone who can answer : )
I am a 28 year old female in good health (besides the kidney stones). In March, I ended up getting an 8mm kidney stone (and yes, it hurt as much as the drug-free birth I did 9 months prior!). The urologist had me booked for removal surgery 2 weeks later, but I ended up passing the stone soon after. A CT scan had shown that I had another, approximately 5mm stone in my other kidney, but he wasn't too concerned, stating that it might never even leave my kidney. However, I had a chest xray done a few days ago (for something unrelated), and the stone appears to have grown to about 9mm. Basically, I am worried it will come out, as I don't know if I can handle that much pain again. Yes, they gave me strong anti-inflammatories the first time but it still hurt a fair amount. Not to mention, it had blocked the path between my bladder and my kidney, making my kidney swell. This new stone would likely cause the same issues. The urologist, again, didn't seem concerned about this 'temporary' blockage. Should I be concerned about this new stone? Do doctors typically remove stones if they are still in the kidney, to prevent future issues? I've heard of shock wave removal for smaller stones, but it doesn't make sense to me, as smaller stones wouldn't get stuck in teh first place. Does this mean it is done while they are still in the kidney?

For the record, part of my worrying is due to the fac that I am a mom to a one year-old, and wasn't able to stop vomiting and get off the bed last time it happened. Luckily, my husband was at home to help out last time it happened, but I might not be so lucky next time...

Thank you in advance for your answers!
ctrcort1 responded:

My name is Cortnie and I understand your concerns. Though, I am not a doctor nor a mother yet, I have passed 59 stones. I too and 28 years old. With my experience, the doctors leave the kidney stones alone while they are in your kidney because it could cause kidney damage. When they stones are small enough they typically let them pass on their own. No matter how many stones someone passes, it never gets easier. It still hurts like non other and you still have vomiting. Depending on the size of the stone sometimes the symptoms are lighter then other times. I have Kidney Stone Disease which is very rare but like I said it never gets easier. I am sorry to not give you the best of news with the symptoms. The doctors are just trying to protect your kidneys and not let them get damaged. If you are really concerned and the urologist isn't meeting up to your standards, you can always get a second opinion. You have that right. I am glad that you have the help if you need it with you little one. That is one thing that I have had to have and I don't have kids yet but I can't do things on my own when I pass a stone. Next time when your stone passes try to catch it. They can do a pathology report to figure out why you are making stones. There is a kidney stone prevention diet to help stop forming them. If you drink any soda or caramelized products, like coke, that is one huge factor is stone formation. One test that I would recommend you talk to your doctor about is LithoLink. It is a kidney stone test to see how high or low some of your levels are that can cause kidney stones. Anyways I hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck. Just remember, your never a lone, and drink plenty of WATER. The more water you drink the better it is with not forming as many or as big of kidney stones.
ctrcort1 replied to ctrcort1's response:
Sorry, I meant to type coke Cola

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