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CKD help
cop205 posted:
Has anyone used "Golden Standards Kidney Stuff" to help your kidney's fundtions? I've been on it for about16 months, I was at stage 5, being set to be hooked up to dialysis and sent to Yale to get on the Kidney transplant list.
Within 2 weeks of starting this product and antioxidants, I went from stage 5 to stage 4, removing me from the Dialysis and transplant list.
I'm now at stage 3, hoping to improve more as time goes on.
Anyone with other useful information? Vinny
fbk916 responded:
Hello. I'm confused about this thread. Someone response saying this was an advert for a company and not a real testimonial. I would really appreciate knowing if this is real or an ad? I have personal interest in the product and knowing if it really works as I am on dialysis and working hard to come off it, naturally, by building up my kidneys. I have some function and want to keep and increase it. Thank you.
john-skpt replied to fbk916's response:
In nearly every case, Chronic Renal Failure is not genuinely reversible. Hence the term "chronic" as opposed to "acute".

Yes there are slight variations in the lab numbers, both up and down, but I have never heard of a single case that has been 'cured' or improved over the long term (years and decades) that has been actually fixed for the long term. And especially by some herbal supplement or over the counter medication.

If you look, the advertised product is principally flaxseed oil. Nothing wrong with flaxseed, but it isn't a miracle cure for anything, certainly not for a life-threatening condition like renal failure.

Find me a true, peer-reviewed medical journal article that shows any significant renal effects from flaxseed, then I will take it semi-seriously. Until then it sounds like one more marketing scam, taking advantage of the fears and concerns of patients who need serious medical care..

Ask your doctors what their opinion is.
thankfultob replied to john-skpt's response:
This product "Kidney Stuff" has also helped me. There are many links to medical journals/studies for the ingredients in this product. You should review the website and look at all the links and ingredients. There is flaxseed not oil in the product and flax lignans along with several other kidney specific, beneficial ingredients.

I know a couple people it has really made a change in their numbers and I know one who it did not help at all. But it is NOT claiming to be a cure. It is advertising support for healthy function. Everyone's body structure and medical conditions are different and we all react differently to products.

I also take another product due to hyperlipidemia called "Heart savior". It has kept me off LDL Apheresis a type of dialysis. It brought my ldl down by 100 points naturally.

I honestly believe peoples bodies are starved for nutrition and taking natural supplements can be a huge benefit for most people. I thank God for the people who have made these products that have given me more time. Even if it only lasts for a couple years and things go back to the way they were, it's still more precious time, that I would not have had.

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