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Right Nephrectomy
tmarie1971 posted:
I had a right nephrectomy two months ago today. Is there anything I should or should not be doing now that I'm down to 1 kidney? Examples would be soda or beer consumption (moderation of course), certain foods to avoid (like spicy) or OTC (ibuprofen etc). Or do I just live as I have?
john-skpt responded:
Obviously you want to avoid severe trauma to the left side if possible. (There are special guards to wear but unless you are involved in a contact sport, they are sort of overkill.)

You should ask a doc about ANY new presciptions, and remind the doc that you have one kidney (they forget sometimes). Any NSAIDS are a bad idea: ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. Tylenol is a bit safer but nothing is perfectly safe. (An occasional dose won't do a lot of harm, but taking this stuff at high doses or over a long period of time is toxic to kidney tissue.

Blood pressure and cholesterol management is crucial. Kidneys are the most blood-hungry organs in the body and if they do not get an adequate and reliable supply, they get really angry.

Most reasonable foods are OK, as long as your weight and cholesterol are in good shape. People will argue with me on this one, but generally an occasional soda is OK, just don't overdo it. (There is still a myth perpetrated by 1960's moms that sodas would immediately kill you. It's junk science.) And an occasional drink or two is probably OK, just be careful not to let the alcohol dehydrate you. (If you get a hangover, then you are severly dehydrated and kidneys really hate being dried out.)

One kidney is generally OK to live on, but you no longer have that overabundance of function as a safety cushion, so anything that you can do to keep the overall system and the cardiovascular system in good shape helps a lot.
tmarie1971 replied to john-skpt's response:
I'm already on Cipro due to bladder infection but I was sure to ask if it was ok & I give weekly B12 injections due to deficiency. Other than that I try not to take anything unless I have a severe headache or something but I will be sure its Tylenol going forward. Thank you for your reply!

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