JennyMack42 posted:
Hello. I am hoping someone has some answers. I have a friend with a 21yr. old son who was admited to a local hospital with pneumonia in lungs. His red blood count was also low so they treated him with a transfusion. After 3 wks he was released only to be rushed to local UC and diagnosed with kidney failure. Now they took a biopsy of kidneys, his RBC is down again, his o2 is dangerously low, he is vomiting blood and has shortness of breath w/heavy chest. PLEASE, anyone with suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He is currently in ICU and Drs. have no answers. God Bless all of you and thanks in advance.
john-skpt responded:
Unfortunately there isn't enough information here to make any solid guesses.

A few things that are generally true: if he has no history of chronic renal disease developing slowly over many years, then there is a very good chance that some or most of the kidney function will recover once the other problems are resolved. (Renal disease can cause very low red counts but this almost never happens suddenly, it takes years.)

However, most cases of renal disease are 'silent', they have no physical symptoms until far advanced. If he has had a few physical exams over the past few years it would be easy to determine; but if he only went to the ER on this one instance, it's hard to tell. A problem may have been brewing undetected for years.

The docs need to look at things like workplace or environmental exposure to toxins or medications, possibly do tissue biopsy, lung cultures, blood cultures, just a lot of stuff.

I imagine that they can find an answer but it may take time; right now their first job is to get the patient stabilized.