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Dual Collecting system
AEvans91 posted:
I'm a relatively healthy 21 year old female. However, since February of 2012 I have been experiencing frequent uti's and kidney infections. During an ultrasound in March, it was discovered that I have a dual collective system in my right kidney which would explain the bladder infections growing up as a child. Until recently, I had not been back to the ER since March. Sept. 15th I went in due to sever pain. I had already visited my GP who gave a urine & blood test and perscribed me Leviquin. 5 days into treatment, I was still experiencing pain in my kidneys and during urination. After a visit to the ER it turns out that the bacteria had built up a tolerence to the Levoquin. I was perscribed Macrodantin for the antibiotic and Ultram for the pain as well as Zofran for the nausea and vomiting.

10 days later, the macrodantin is completed. I'm now nursing myself with 100% cranberry juice and as much water as I can possibly consume in one day until I can see a urologist on 10/8/12.

Since all of this began, I have noticed that even when I may not have a uti, the consumption of any beverage other than water will cause a pain in both sides. More prominently though, my right side; which is the one with the dual collecting system.

Through all of this and before, I have had no history of stones. My only real symptoms have been pain during urination and frequent urination, nausea, cloudy urine, and flank pain.

Any insight would be greatly welcomed.


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