bone pain
hulkster43 posted:
Hello Everyone,I now have moderate kidney
disease.Can anyone tell me if pain in the
knees,ankles,and hips are symptoms
of this disease?
mrscora01 responded:
Because of imbalances in calcium and phosphorus, you can get boneloss due to kidney issues. I didn't have any pain, but I know that I lost bone mass during this time and while I was on dialysis. Things improved after my transplant. I would talk to your doc and try to determine the source of the pain. It could be something unrelated like arthritis.

hulkster43 replied to mrscora01's response:
Thank You for your response.I have also been feeling
fatigued alot more,and I stay sleepy.Can you tell me
if those are possible symptoms?I hope you have a
very nice Thanksgiving,