I feel all alone and scared with CKD,Cant seem to find answers
hulkster43 posted:
My thinking is becoming increasingly impaired lately,I dont have any ,energy.I call my Dr's office,and they dont have a sense of urgency.I
feel more fatiquied with each passing day,The pain on both sides of
my lower back use to come and go,but now is always there.My vision
is becoming a problem and I hurt in most all of my joints.The only medicine I'm on for my kidneys is linisporil 20mg I would appreciate
any advice on where to go or what to do.I have moderate kidney disease
that does not feel so moderate.My anxiety level is bad even though I'm
taking xanax as prescribed I am trusting in God,I would feel better If
someone could please offer any advice,Thank You.
john-skpt responded:
It's hard to guess exactly where to go without some recent lab numbers and history to look at: your symptoms could relate directly to renal disease, but they could also have other causes.

If your current doc is a board-certified nephrologist, good. If not then you probably need to be seeing a nephrologist now. A lot of other medical specialties seem to wait until the last possible moment to refer a patient to a nephrologist, but I think that this is a mistake. And there are a number of studies that indicate an early nephrology referral correlates to better long-term outcomes for renal patients.