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Strong, smelly urine, no infection, ongoing flank aches
deanne65 posted:
For the past couple of months I have been having abdominal aches as well as flank and back aches, on a daily basis. I have used urinalysis test strips to test for infection, protein and blood, all of which are negative.
I have not changed by fluid intake, but I notice that my urine specific gravity on the test strip is consistently higher than it has been in the months previous. I do not seem to urinate as much as I used to at night. I have been chelating for about ten months to rid myself of heavy metals.
I am on thyroid meds, and my flank aches and back pain coincides with my beginning Synthroid regimen. I am always tired, and I crave salt and sweets, so I am suspecting possible adrenal involvement.
I do not know if my recent change in urinary volume and specific gravity is a good thing or not, but I fear that this might be the kidney damage from the heavy metal starting to wreak havoc. I will be going to my pcp next week to enquire about an ACTH stimulation test for my adrenals, which might be the source of my aches and pains and ongoing fatigue.
john-skpt responded:
I think that you might need to see a doc for a complete set of basic blood tests and a complete urinalysis. The dipstick tests are ok for quick screenings, but they can be highly inaccurate, oversensitive to some items and under-sensitive to others.

The quick guess about the urine SG and the odor would be to increase hydration, but with thyroid meds in the picture, you don't want to mess up one therapy by guessing at another.

See a doctor.

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