New - 12mm stone - Needing info please
toryinhampton posted:
New to the community. I am a 46 year old fm diagnosed 6 years ago with stones in both kidneys after an attack that required lithotrypsy. I passed a stone last week and met with my urologist who ordered a KUB. Results showed several stones. One stone went from 9mm to 12mm in 33 months. The online report says the stone is overlying the pole in right kidney. The doc and I are playing phone tag. No pain or infection. What now?
john-skpt responded:
It's hard to predict. If the lithotripsy results were satisfactory, then that might be the choice again. But since you currently have no pain, and if the urine flow appears to remain unobstructed, the doc may just want to watch and wait. Either choice could be shifted by the doc's ideas about the possibility of eventually needing a more invasive open surgery procedure to remove the stone surgically.

Sorry I can't help, but it's really for you and the doc to decide on your best options.
toryinhampton replied to john-skpt's response:
Thank you so much for your response. I really hope to know a little more tomorrow. I feel like a walking time Thank you again!!