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Treating Kidney Infection Pain & Discomfort.
littlemyrtle posted:
Hello all,

First post here - I am at my wits end and completely desperate for some help!
Thursday evening I was diagnosed with a kidney infection, prescribed antibiotics (Amoxycillin & Calvulanic acid) and have been taking them since - it is now Saturday morning here (I am in Australia) and the pain is still as it was on Thursday, if not edging on the worse side of things.

For pain relief I have been alternating between Panadol (Paracetamol) and Nurofen Zavance (Ibuprofen) and using a heated wheat bag on the area.

My main concern is that I cannot get a full, restful sleep - I'm sleeping in two hour stints and waking up in agony. I have found that I can only lie on my back and if I roll to either side, the pain is just too much. I have tried propping myself up with pillows everywhere but we are also in the middle of summer here at the heat is an issue too!

Being a Saturday, my GP is closed - the only options are the Hospital and the After Hours Doctors (both which has impeccable waiting times) I was wondering if any of you have any tips or hints or suggestions for pain relief, natural or otherwise and keeping in mind that I am in Australia (any drugs please mention their full pharmaceutical name)

I have a low grade temperature of 38.1 C and keeping up as much fluid as possible.

Thank you in advance!
NanaB8189 responded:

I too am currently suffering from kidney pain. As a matter of fact, later today, I've been scheduled for a CatScan to see what the problem is now.

But in reading your post, I feel that if you haven't done so already, go to the Emergency Room! You need to be seen as soon as possible. Believe me when I tell you that I know the pain your little kidney can produce can be debilitating. I swear, I've had two kids and the times I've experienced kidney pain was WORSE than childbirth. Anyway, back to my point, you're obviously no better than you were earlier, so lines or not, get seen by the E.R. And, you might be seen earlier than some because of your acuteness of your pain. Don't mess around with this kind of condition.

Good luck, I'll be sending you positive thoughts . . .

Nana B

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