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    Help me please!
    dselin68 posted:
    It's been awhile since my last post about my kidney biopsey results. I have still been experiencing severe left flank pain, blood in my urine, protein off, and on,and all the signs of "SLE clinical symptoms" My last RA visit showed my eGFR at 56(my last 5 blood tests for eGFR, have all been between 50 and 60). My Bun/Creatinine has been 12 or lower on blood work. According to my kidney biopsey results(This wasn't included on the report I had) I tested positive under Immunofluorescence microscopy for Mesangial regions stain for IgA 2+,IgM 2+, kappa(trace), lambda(trace) light chains in a granular pattern and segmental distribution. The walls of arterioles stain for C3 was 4+. Tubular casts stain for IgA 3+, kappa 3+, and lambda 2+ light chains. I also had IgG at 7.4 My RA factor came back as a 6, my Antiscleroderma-70 was a 4. My anti-DNA came back as a 5. My MCV, MCH, MCHC are all high, but RDW, is low.
    Can you help me with these results. I do not drink alcohol either, which I keep getting asked by these results. I also was told I have unspecified granuloma supeorior to my bladder dome and up my pertoneal walls. I kept being told, that these symptoms are in "my head", and there is nothing wrong with me. My nepherologist, said I have no "real", kidney issues. My health has went down rapidly in the last year. I lost my health insurance, and am at stand still. I am so confused. My PCP doc stands by his diagnoses with Polymyotosis, Dermamyotosis, and because my RA doc will not confirm Lupus(even though I have all the signs and symptoms), he is calling it unspecified myotosis. Can you please help? Sometimes I feel like ripping my kidneys out because the pain is sooo bad.
    dselin68 responded:
    Oh, I also tested High for ANtistrptolysin O AB
    JanelleJanaki responded:
    Hi dselin68,
    I can exactly understand how you are feeling right now. I am also suffering from IgA nephropathy for the past 9 years. I had 36% GFR and now I have 21% GFR. It can be very tiring and stressful thinking about the pain and financial constraints. Don't dwell on it too much. Go about your life as usual and continue seeing doctor. Learn some pain management techniques and speak to people with positive mindset and not to those who pity you and bring you down ultimately. Speak with your nephrologist whenever you have a question and please don't analyse your blood test results too much. I did and it drove me mad. Do some light exercises. A breaking of perspiration does help. I sincerely wish you all the best.

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