MIMi1004 posted:
I have damaged kidney's from birth. They inserted a Artificial Euretheal (SPELLING)? when I was 7. I am 43 now and about to get another one to replace the existing one. However my ? is ... I aweat under my arms alot in the last few years. Would this have anything to do with this? and what can I use that is safe for my kidney's to stop it?
Thank for any advise
john-skpt responded:
Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) is rather common, and has many causes. It can be due to autoimmune conditions, or something as simple as nervousness, medications, or something as difficult to diagnose as nerve or even brain injury. So it is quite hard to figure out.

It happens often in diabetics, mostly due to fluid overload, and fluid buildup might be the cause in your case. But I suspect that it could be due to other factors if you haven't noticed any swelling in feet or ankles.

Ask your physician, since that is the person who has all your recent medical history available.