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Kidney diease and deoderant !
duckie66 posted:
I recently tried the Secret stress deoderant , and noticed that in in less than 48 hours of use that my kidneys we're hurting so bad that i had to ggo to the ER , I couldn't understand what was going on , I know i have Ppolycysitic kidney diease already , so dr asks me what have u been doing different and the only thing I could think of was this new deoderant , so he checks my blood and notices a change in my kidney funtion levels and then he comes back and tells me stop using this deoderant because somehow it is not safe to use , on folks who have chronic kidney diease , well now i tried a different one and can't use that . So I can't use the type of deoderant with alunminum in it . Is this really true , I mean i don't wanna go around smelling so what do i do ?
john-skpt responded:
I think that it might be a little bit overboard.

The reason that the FDA forces the aluminum warning is this: patients with severe renal failure cannot clear almunium from the body very well. In addition, with severe renal failure over the longer term, patients on dialysis for example, the bones can lose calcium. The aluminum can 'lock into' the bones replacing some of the missing calcium, and it tends to stay there, not move in and out of bone the way calcium does. This can eventually lead to osteomalaccia, or osteodystrophy.

Aluminum cannot on its own cause any pain in the kidneys. And aluminum is less cangerous if your renal function is only slightly elevated.

Discuss it in detail with your doctor. I don't know the history of your renal function blood tests, but I tend to suspect that the risk is quite low.
TheGander responded:
I'm so glad I came here the other night. I posted here seeking advice because my kidneys where hurting. Luckily I saw your post (the one before mine). So, I decided to drop my deodorant. 1.5 days later, no pain. I'm going to get a check up, but, I am convinced it's the deodorant. Thanks for posting!

By the way, I rather go stinky McGee for now. I just bought a deodorizing body wash. I seem to be fine with 2 showers a day until I find a deodorant that is safe to use.

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