kidney function
An_251430 posted:
My husband has been having kidney pain and now the has a smell of urine coming from the lower part of his body. I was wondering if the two were associated with each other? He has also been having blackouts when he stands up. We have a doctor appointment next week, but was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts, thanks.
john-skpt responded:
This might indicate a urinary infection. Healthy urine is normally sterile and has almost no odor at all. The scent that we tend to associate with urine is actually a byproduct of ammonia, and this can happen when bacteria break down urea into ammonia and nitrogen compounds. Pain might or might not show up.

It also could be totally coincidental.

The fainting/blackouts on standing sounds more like a blood pressure problem (orthostatic hypotension). Without knowing his entire medical history and current medications, I can't guess how likely that might be. But definitely report it to the doctor.

In the meantime, to avoid falls and injury, don't get up too fast: move from lying down, to a sitting position and let the blood pressure adjust. Then slowly try to stand up. If he feels dizzy or faint, sit back down and get some help to get to your feet.