Symptoms of Kidney disease
CarolCBR posted:
My mother has been told she is in 4-5 stage kidney failure. She has been having these acute periods of where she itches. The nursing home says that this could be due to her kidney failure and the are have been giving her over the counter antihistamines to relieve the itching. Is acute itching a symptom of kidney disease?
john-skpt responded:

It could come from the slow biuldup or urea and other waste products in the blood, or it could come from elevate phosphate levels, or both.

The doctor (nephrologist) should be discussing dialysis and/or transplant with her, and should consider a low phosphorus diet and oral phosphate binders to take.

Antihistamines will help for a while, but sooner or later even they will not work. The doc needs to be treating the root cause, not covering up the symptom of itching with antihistamines.