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Stage 3 CKD?
dcbob posted:
I was hospitalized in March for 18 days. acute alcoholic hepatitis. 10 days into my stay, creat hit 4.3...drs were going to start dialysis the next day. next day, creat was down to dialysis. 4 days after the 4.3 reading, it was down to 1.4. I went home the next day. 3 weeks after hospital discharge (4/11), I see nephrologist. He tells me kidneys would work fine in anyone else, but due to my liver problems, creat will not get much below 1.4 and kidneys will not function optimally. He tells me to get a GP and gives me a "referral sheet" for the GP that states I have Stage 3 CKD. Nephrologist tells me to come see him in about 2 months (6/17). In the meantime, I have blood work done on 5/7. Creat. - 1.08. BUN - 10. GFR - 77. I question the GP as to why the nephrologist would write that I have Stage 3 CKD considering my "numbers". GP tells me, basically, your guess is as good as mine...the numbers look great. Any drs out there who could tell me why a nephrologiost would say I had Stage 3 CKD with these blood numbers? Any Stage 3 peopple out there? What arer your numbers like? Thanks for any info.
john-skpt responded:
The stage 3 judgement was likely based on the higher creatinine levels, rather than the 1.1 mg/ml numbers.

Chronic dehydration ALWAYS elevated serum creatinine: kidneys are happiest when they have lots of fluid in the system to work with. And chronic infections like hepatitis affect funtion.

However I would never categorize this as truly "chronic" renal failure (the C in CKD); it is acute or at least transient renal disease. Had this been genuinely "chronic" there would not have been such a rapid and full resolution of the numbers

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