gitelman syndrome
13barron69 posted:
When I was 21 years of age I started getting sick I would have to be admitted to the hospital with low potassium and magnesium the dr tested me for kidney stones, I would have high blood pressure and high temperatures they would pump me full of potassium and 10 minutes later it would be gone at that time they said I had a potassium definitioncy. It took a year to diagnose me with gitelman's syndrome, fibromyalgia and ptsd. I experienced extreme tiredness and pain all over my body I started seeing a pain management doctor and they put me on oxycodone 5 mg up to 30 mg three times a day in a three year spand. I also take potassium and magnesium and xanax it's been about 5 years I am now having Hart problems high blood pressure and low blood pressure I did suffer from Hart failure a couple of months ago this disease sucks really bad im alwAys in pain I will take medicine for the rest of my life.....