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    Getting a kidney stone to exit the kidney
    An_247337 posted:
    This is really stressing me out/ bothering me... (yes, I do suffer from OCD, so that doesn't help). In short, I had an 8mm kidney stone last year. I went to the ER because the pain was unlike anything I'd ever felt (even more than having a natural childbirth). I couldn't stop throwing up. I live in Canada, so the health system isn't very good. If you're not actively dying, you're almost guaranteed to be ignored for several hours in the ER. In any case, I was loaded with drugs (eventually), and told to go home for it to pass. By some miracle it did. But scans revealed that I had another one just as big in the left kidney, but it has not yet passed. I am terrified of it coming out while my husband is away (he's a military pilot and away for long periods of time), and while I'm home alone with my toddler. I'd like to do something to have it leave my kidney now and deal with it ASAP. Are there any ways to get these buggers to decide to move down? Not looking forward to the pain (and being ignored in the ER), but would rather go through it while I have help at home... Thank you so much.
    john-skpt responded:
    I'm afraid that there is no way to 'control' when a stone moves or stays in place. It seems to be pretty much the standard advice in the US and Canada to drink a lot of water and let it pass when it is ready to move.

    (In cases where a stone is too large or too oddly positioned to move on its own, surgery or lithotripsy might be suggested, but most legitimate docs will generally choose a non-invasive, wait and see approach over an invasive procedure every time.)
    ldawes responded:

    I have a 3 mm kidney stone somewhere in my system (painful 2 days about 3 weeks ago)   after the hospital time it has not given me any trouble.  A CT scam revealed another 5 mm stone inside the kidney.  they said it might never come out or come out tomorrow.  It is stressful to know about stone.

    I have done some research and have talked to people who have gotten through the experience.  The universal advice is the drink lots to water regularly and I take magnesium supplements 300 mg.   

    I will continue to find out about this condition.  If you can share what you learn it would be helpful to me.

    helenehere responded:
    YIKES what part of Canada are you from??? So very hard to understand your post. Yes, our emergency departments in most hospitals are super busy, as in the U.S., but this post is very disturbing. I am actually going to London Ontario in the New Year, after an emerg visit three wekks ago and having a procedure called SWL. for a kidney stone. You can look this up on computer. However, how come you havent mentioned a urologist? And have you had a CT scan, xray, etc. You obviously need to see a specialist on this, and immediately. Why didnt your GP do a referral? Very confused with this situation. Good Luck

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