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Anon_12802 posted:
Is there a safe antacid with Kidney Disease?
mrscora01 responded:
You need to talk to your nephrologist as to what is and is not safe for you to take. I took a lot of tums because of phosphorus issues so I never needed an additional antacid.

kay0922 replied to mrscora01's response:
If you don't mind my asking, what stage were you at when you took the tums? I talked to my Nephroligist abuot over the counter antacid, he said prilosec. When you look at the pecautions Kidney disease is one of them so i'm afraid to take it. I'm at stage 4
mrscora01 replied to kay0922's response:
To be honest, they hadn't adopted the "stages" yet when I was at that point. I think my creatinine was probably around 300 (about 3.5) when I needed the calcium from the tums.

I am never 100% convinced of how much these things will actually affect a kidney. I suspect that part of the issue is that it hasn't been extensively studied yet. I always trusted my neph that a drug wouldn't hurt me (at least not too much). Sometimes it's a necessary trade off. I used to take a bit of Advil when I had my periods due to monster pain. It wasn't good for my kidney, but I couldn't function otherwise.

bgjlah replied to kay0922's response:
Prilosec makes my husband's urine cloudy and makes him throw up. I wouldn't take Prilosec if I were you. I really think it affects his kidneys in a big way!
john-skpt responded:
They used to prescribe TUMS (calcium carbonate) for me, as a phosphate binder, not as an antacid. But it has the same effect.

However, this choice would depend on your blood tests: calciumXphosphate product, etc.

Is the acid/reflux/heartburn a chronic thing, or does it come and go say once a week or so?

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