dying of kidney failure
jas4819 posted:
I want to know how long before I die, if my GFR is 13 and will not go on dialysis?
mrscora01 responded:
I"m sorry to tell you that there is no way to know. A doctor who has all your medical records might be able to hazard a guess. But the truth is that even for a doc it will still be a guessing game.

Why won't you go on dialysis? I felt that way about 15 years ago. I eventually did go on dialysis (I have a strong will to live) and it wasn't anywhere near as bad or horrifying as I though. I was on for a year, got a kidney from a cousin I barely knew, and it has been successfur ever since.

There is hope - you should think about it. There are several different ways to do dialysis and it can be quite easy to do without requiring you to spend 4 hours in a chair at a center.