ANCA vascultis
eagle2260 posted:
My 50 year old son has been diagnosed with the above named kidney problem. Seems it is rare with no know cause, treatment, cure or research.

Can someone provide any information on this disease and what the out look might be.

He has always been healthy and strong and ANCA vascultis was caught during a routine exam.
otherjohn responded:
I'm not up to date with the latest treatment options, but it is important to remember that ANCA vasculitis is basically an autoimmune disorder that often affects kidneys, but can also affect other systems. It's vascular so it can have effects on any blood vessels (it just happens that kidneys have a huge concentration of tiny blood vessels.)

So the basics are to treat the immune system and hope that it slows or stops kidney damage.

Immunosuppressive drugs can be used, but there can be quite a variety of side effects, so finding the right dose is crucial. Also some chemotherapy drugs like cytoxan can work (again, mostly by suppressing immune system activity), but the decision has to be up to the docs and the patient.