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Chronic kidney disease
rlrich posted:
Can Pre-digested vegan protein worsen chronic kidney disease
john-skpt responded:
Only if you do a LOT of it.

Most Western diets provide far more protein than the human body can actually use, so massive supplementation is a waste of money and is potentially hazardous. Here's why:

Over millions of years, protein sources were very hard to come by, so the body has evolved to conserve protein, to keep it IN the bloodstream.

When it is oversupplied, as is now very easy with a Western diet, the body has to excrete the excess, mostly via the kidneys. But the kidneys are designed to do exactly the opposite: the glomeruli are designed to conserve and to recycle the very long protein chains. When absolutely forced to excrete excess protein, the microscopic pores in the glomeruli get enlarged and torn, so they are less effective and the highly selective filtration of molecules into the urine. This process cannot be reversed, it can only be stabilized at the current level. Damage is cumulative.

If blood tests for total protein and serum albumin are within the normal range, you're fine. Overloading the kidneys with too much protein can only cause problems, if not now, then years down the road.
circlewoman responded:
Can long-term acetaminophen (Excedrin Extra Strength) use
affect the kidneys? My fingernails are half-white,
half-pink (indication kidney distress).

I can understand the over-protein problem.
john-skpt replied to circlewoman's response:
Any of the NSAIDS pain relievers can pose some risk, however acetaminophen is generally considered a lot safer than ibuprofen or naproxsen based pain relievers. (The tylenol-type things are the only ones that my transplant docs allow me to have.)

Acetaminophen tends to affect the liver more than the kidneys, but the overall goal is to minimize any substances like those mentioned. There probably is not a huge risk from OCCASIONAL use of a reasonable amount of acetaminophen. Unfortunately some folks take this stuff every day, several times a day, and many of them push the dose to higher than suggested levels.

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