Getting sick during dialysis
suelm posted:
My dad has been on dialysis for over a year. Lately he has been getting sick and really dizzy during dialysis. He has also had to add more treatments during the week. Three times a week he has regular dialysis and then two times a week he goes in to just remove fluid. He is also experiencing severe cramping in his arms, hands, and legs. Is this normal?
mrscora01 responded:
He is on hemo and going in more than 3 times a week? How much is he drinking? It is very important to restrict fluids. Hemo will be easier on his body the less fluid he has to take off. Don't forget that anything that is liquid at room temperature is also considered a "fluid". So Jello, ice cream, soup, is all counted in your daily allowance. If he is being dialysed so frequently, this could cause the cramping.

Sorry I can't be more help.

john-skpt responded:
I think that Cora is on the right track.

Too much fluid forces the dialysis to pukk off more water in a very harsh and drastic way. That can dramatically and suddenly lower blood pressure and electrolytes. The result is generally dizziness and nausea, and very often muscle cramping as the body tries to cope with such rapid shifts in fluid balance.

Over the long term this can pose an additional stress on the heart and the arteries, so I really hope that he can get a greater degree of control over fluid intake, and thus make things more stable and less stressful to the body.
john-skpt replied to john-skpt's response:
typo: "pukk" should be "pull". Sorry for my feeble fingers!