Renal Onocytoma
ccrosthwaite54 posted:
Has anyone out there dealt with a renal onocytoma?
I was diagnosed with a mass on my left kidney last May. The mass is 4.5 centimeters in size. My urologist had a biopsy performed and it was determined to be benign.
In December my urologist had a second CT scan with contrast done to confirm that the mass hasn't changed in size. He told me he planned to monitor the mass closely.
At this point we are waiting to see if it does grow.
My doctor told me that these are nasty types of tumors because they look and act like kidney cancer and they can mask it.
I've read that a lot of times these types of tumors are just removed, but my urologist doesn't want me to have surgery unless it's really needed.
I trust my urologist, but would love to hear about others that have had to deal with these types of tumors.