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high creatinine, normal protein
sunflower326 posted:
My creatinine level is over 2, so technically I would be -20% kidney fiunction. The urologist and primary dont understand why my protein is normal with my creatinine being so high. Last labs in May were normal. Is this a blockage, dehydration? New bloodwork labs expected tomorrow, but wanted advice from you all in the meantime? Thanks
John-SKPT responded:
First, creatinine clearance is not a 0 - 100% scale, though it is often misinterpreted that way. even by professionals. It's just a convenient approximation. True GFR is on a 0 - 100% scale but virtually does that test any more because it is time consuming and significantly expensive.

What was the BUN when creatinine was 2.0, and what were the creatinine and BUN last month?

It might be dehydration, or some other cause. But there really isn't enough info to make any guesses yet.
sunflower326 responded:
Hi John,

My creatinine was over 2. In May it was below 1. I do not have the exact amount from my labs. The urologist calculated the GFR, and said that I am at 20% loss with my creatinine being so high.

May was the last time I took labs, so all this came about sometime since May.

My protein, bacteria and blood was normal for my urine sample.

I am trying to figure out if this is a fluke. The primary suggests that creatinine at this level, usually goes hand in hand with high protein too. Whats your take? and I guess, without taking a 24 hour urine test, it is hard to say if I really am showing protein at all. From what I read, one sample can be inaccurate, depending on that particular time/sample taken....
John-SKPT responded:
It's hard to guess. That is a pretty significant jump from a few months ago. Rarely to chronic kidney diseases progress that fast.

Now, something like an obstruction to the renal artery or arterioles might cause that sudden a change, but it's somewhat unlikely to happen. (That's where looking at the BUN:Creatinine ratio is sometimes helpful.)

Dehydration might be some or all of it, but a shift from less than 1.0 to over 2.0 is still somewhat unlikely due to dehydration alone.

The last thing to consider (and I would think that the doc that ordered the last tests would have already ordered a re-test, is lab error. They are not common, but they DO happen. I've had probably an average of one lab error a year on one test or another. (As an example, twice this year the test for the blood level of a drug I take has shown 17.5 and another showed 5.7 (the target range is 7-12 ng/ml). So they ordered a retest right away and the next day the levels were back in the 8.0 to 9.0 range which is were almost all of mine have been for 5 years. The dose never changed, the time I took it never changed, Nothing changed. So they decided that it must have been a lab goof.) I've had creatinine lab errors in the past too.

Mine were at a hospital lab so maybe they see a lot more lab numbers than private physicians do, but still, I'd think that a sudden change like your might warrant repeating the test and then looking farther and not just saying "oh it's not too bad."
burgh2012 responded:
Hi Sun,
I have actually had the same exact issue. My creatinine level in Jan 2012 was 1.0 and then I went for lab work in Jan 2012 and it was 2.0. I was hospitalized for 10 days and they did all they could to figure out why this has happened. No diagnosis was given and I was discharged when creatinine came back to around 1.3. All other tests such as urea, BUN, proteins, electrolytes, LFT's, uric acid were normal. Ultra sound normal. ECG normal. CT scan normal. Creatine Kinease was about 400, slightly above normal. Mayaglobin normal. Basically, it was creatinine serum that was very high. Did u ever figure out ur cause?

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