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need relief
An_255339 posted:
After having a sonogram 2 ck my gall bladder, my dr called to say my kidney was enlarged and I have a blockage in the kidney where the uretha drains into the bladder. He doesnt think its a stone and said exploratory surgery needs to be done if I start to have symptoms. A week later I had more pain, nausea, dizzziness. I made a appt for next week but what can I do to relieve symptoms?
mishkamouse responded:
Sorry as I typed this response it just disappeared from my screen, damn machines. After suffering unbelievable pain for over 2 years my health system finally diagnosed me with MSK.

During those endless years I learned the good old hot water bottle my grandma used was a great relief. Personally I purchased a $15.00 heating pad and applied heat to the area of the worst pain. sometimes it would be a few days other times it could be 4 days non stop. At that time my Primary care doc gave a crap and gave me Tylenol 3 to get through the rough times till they could figure it out. If you went to the Nephrologist, they probably told you to dramatically increase your fluid intake, that did help and actually flushed out some of the small stone particles causing the pain. The couldn't see them on the ultrasound but said they were probably there because that is what MSD causes along with cysts in my kidneys.

When my pain was at it's worst and I knew there was no way I could wait for the next specialist in line to see me - I went back to the ER. A lot of people can just ride the storm out waiting out going from one specialist to the other but I couldn't. I ask my drs if they could wait a week in unbearable pain, of course they wouldn't! They would pick up the phone and see someone immediately, for all we know they may play golf together on a regular basis.
If you are that uncomfortable now is the time to let them know a week is not a possibility, you are totally debilitated, unable to work, sleep, eat or exist like this. You need help now. Talk to the scheduler this, the nurse this or whom ever it takes to get you seen ASAp.
Thank God my ER is a learning hospital dr zone. The Dr who sees you has all their work reviewed by a lead ER doc. When my pain was so bad I could hardly walk, I went to the ER. Two heads are better than 1. My ER doc in training found the black mass growing on my lft kidney that my urologist and nephrologist missed for two years of follow up appointments. The were looking for blockages, visible stones, etc.
The ER docs got me a pain injection that helped then and there. I don't know how bad you are suffering but there must be someone at you hospital who can give you some relief now.
The drs tell you who you will sen and when they can get you in and I think they are shocked when you tell them no, that isn't good enough!! You wouldn't wait that long and you wouldn't let anyone who means anything to you wait either.
My health system has affiliated hospitals in the area, I tell my docs I will travel wherever need be but I need help now. One week is not acceptable.

It took a lot of courage but by doing it I was taken care of in a few days not week or weeks.

When my cancer was found, a black spot on my lft kidney on Black Friday over two years ago I was told my surgery would be scheduled for February of the next year, that was the earliest opening in the OR with the urologists.

I said you want me to wait with cancer growing for 2 years and do nothing but wait till Feb? are you crazy? What other hospital participates with our health plan? Believe it or not I had surgery 12-20-11 in a hospital 1 hour away that my urologist works at also but just neglected to let me know.

Thank God I became a squeaky wheel because my cancer was going into stage three and beginning to travel from my kidney into my ureter down its way into my bladder. If I had waited patiently like a good patient, my outcome would have been much worse.

If you can't speak up for yourself then have someone with you that won't take no for an answer! This is your life, your pain, your body and only you truly know how bad it is. Be the squeaky wheel, as loud as you can so that someone gets you help now. There will be someone who will hear you and care, unfortunately you will probably have to find them. God bless you, I pray for faster relief of your pain.

Be strong, just as if this were your newborn baby in pain, do not stop till you get what you need!

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