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ADderall and Kidney and reverse osmosis bottled water
ashleyjones98 posted:
Hi! I have only one kidney, but have early stages of kidney disease in that kidney. i have some questions for you---- are any of you on Adderrall? I also have vascular disease and the only thing that gives me energy is 20 mg of Adderrall. Some say that adderral depletes calcium, but I'm confused…….is an excess of calcium detrimental to our kidney's or what? I am also drinking reversed osmosis bottled water which contains calcium chorlide and sodium bicarbonate…….are these things bad for our kidney's too? Thank you!! Ashley
john-skpt responded:
I can't comment on adderall.

I'm a bit baffled by the whole concept of buying reverse osmosis water that has calcium chloride and sodium bicarb added. The whole idea of reverse osmosis is to filter out a lot of solutes that would normally be present in water (elements like sodium, calcium, bicarbonate, and chloride, as well as many others like potassium, magnesium, zinc, just a whole list of stuff).

The short answer is that your bloodstream (and therefore the kidneys, as well as the other organs) depend on a proper balance of all of these elements. So unless a physician specifically instructed you to use reverse osmosis water, I think it is a huge waste of money and a potential health hazard.

The only way to be sure about the stuff added back into the R/O water (after being removed by the R/O) would be to consult a physician who has a current set of blood work on you. If reduced renal function is causing excess retention of or excretion of certain elements, that doc could advise you how best to treat any metabolic/chemical imbalances.

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