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HELP they told my friend she could die
lookin4answers posted:
Hi everyone hopefully someone will be able to help me. I have a friend she is only 23 and has had kidney infections for a long time she also has had problems with kidney stones. Recently she had went to the doctor because of bad pain in her kidneys they found out she had large kidney stones the size of golf balls. She went in to have the ultrasound procedure to break them up but the doctor was concerned because of the size so he broke up a little less than half of them and wanted to wait till she had passed those before he did the rest. After the procedure she was in great pain and they had her on all kinds of pain meds to help she then got a kidney infection so her doctor gave her some strong antibiotics shortly after that (with in a day or so) she collapsed at her home her neighbor found her unconscious on the floor. After being taken to the hospital they told her that her body had went into shock and her kidneys had shut down after being there 3 day and having dialysis her function came back and they released her but in less than 24 hours she collapsed again luckily she had a friend staying with her who called the ambulance she was unresponsive and stopped breathing when they got her to the hospital the doctors could not wake her up she eventually came to but they told her that her entire body had went into shock again and her kidneys had once again shut down again she has now been turned over to a specialist he told her that if this happens again that there is a good chance she will die. As you can imagine this has scared her greatly. Her new doctor is having her do dialysis once a week for 12 weeks but she has still been very sick and went back to her doctor today a few days after her second dialysis treatment and the doctor told her that it seems that all of her organs are under stress and are starting to fail the main one she mentioned he said was her liver. The scariest thing about all this is their not sure what has caused/is causing everything and after telling her all this they sent her home and told her to call 911 or go to the local hospital if she thought she was going to have another episode. So does anyone have any ideas what could be causing her problems? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
john-skpt responded:
Unfortunately, "shock" is a fairly broad term: it could indicate loss of blood, it could indicate some type of generalized infection that affects organs and/or bloodstream, it could mean several things. Since the docs did not mention any reason to suspect blood loss, and we have only the antibiotic dose to suggest infection, it's just very hard to be specific without a lot of lab numbers and other data. We can't even say which is a bigger threat: the acute renal failure or the liver condition.

I'd suggest that you might want to be in the room the next time that she talks to a physician, ask questions, and take notes.

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