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missysimba posted:
I have sharp pain in lower abdomen on right side. Went to ER Wednesday night& was told I have a kidney & bladder infection. Was given prescription for Cipro. Saturday morning hosp. called & said I needed to have my pancreas checked. As long as I don't move around I don't have pain, when I move or reach for something I get the pain. If pancreas problem, what could it be.?
john-skpt responded:
It's impossible to guess from the little bit that the hospital told you.

Pancreatitis is one possibility: a generally simple bacterial infection of the organ.

Cancer would be a serious complication but is far less likely.

It's odd though: unless the ER did some sort of ultrasound or other imaging, it would be hard to spot a pancreas problem without an awful lot of unusual blood work. In addition, the pancreas attaches to the duodenum, just below the stomach. So 'lower right' doesn't seem quite like the location. (It is a fairly long, thin structure, so it does span over to the right side, but the point of attachment is more middle than lower abdomen.)

See if you can get more info from the ER, or from the radiologist report if any images were taken.
beenblessed_nana responded:
So what did it turn out to be? Did you go back in or go to your primary care and tell him/her the ER said you need to have your pancreas checked? Pancreatits is very painful as I watched my hero of a man reel in pain in the ER due to his cholesterol medication. Once the pain and swelling went down, and he started taking a statin instead of one of the newer cholesterol meds he was fine.

Your post was a month ago so I was just curious how things turned out and hope they turned out in your favor!

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