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Removing kidney stents
william5401 posted:
After I had surgery to remove a kidney stone and a stent was placed inside me, I am to see the urologist for a post-op appointment to remove the stent.

Is that procedure done through a local or general anesthetic? How long does it usually take for that to be done?
ccrosthwaite54 responded:
My urologist used a numbing gel, but it was still a bit uncomfortable when he actually pulled it out. Expect some pain and bleeding for at least a few days. If you have some pain medications you might want to take them. Ask your doctor. If you had a lithotripsy (blasting), expect to pass more stone fragments after the stent is removed.
I was told that women usually handle it better than men because the stent is pulled for a shorter distance, but everyone is different when it comes to handling pain.
They usually insert a camera after the numbing gel, then grasp the end of the stent and gently pull it out. It's over in just a minute. If you work, you might want to take a few days off. You might experience some pain for several days because the ureter spasms and you'll probably feel it. I wasn't told this when my procedure was done, but I wished they would have told me! The spasms lasted for about a week.
The wondering and waiting for the appointment is usually worse than dealing with the procedure itself. I know I nearly drove myself crazy. I read all I could about it, but that scared the crap out of me. I was glad that my urologist decided not to insert another one for a third lithotripsy.
Good luck!
An_257872 replied to ccrosthwaite54's response:
My goodness, you've had your shares of kidney stones much more than me. Thanks for the information so I know what to expect. I suppose everybody is different from another. It will be curious to see how I will be when the stents gets removed from me.

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