Fatigue with kidney stones
mrsgrizz posted:
I have early CKD (GFR is 71) and just had a stent placed last week for an obstructing 5mm kidney stone, it's below the pelvic rim so too low for lithotripsy. I have surgery scheduled 7/22/14 to take out the stone and go higher to remove any in the entrance of the kidney. Both of my kidneys are riddled with them. I have enormous fatigue, I can barely put one foot in front of the other. For the first 3 days after the stent, I had such bad bladder spasms the pain was unmanageable. After a very painful weekend (I also was in the hospital Fri-Sat.) the doc belatedly prescribed belladonna opium suppositories. Feel it's too late, since the pains are pretty much gone. I'm supposed to work tomorrow, doc said I should be able to, but am SO TIRED. Anyone else have this fatigue? All I want to do is lay down. I don't drink coffee.
ccrosthwaite54 responded:
I too had a stent inserted in June 2013 for a complete blockage of my left kidney by a 1.7 centimeter stone. The first few days after the stent was inserted were terrible. I was given pain medications from the hospital. I was thankful that I wasn't at work at the time. I too felt very tired. It was difficult to find a comfortable position to even sleep. Sleeping on my back was impossible because the stent seemed to constantly "pull" like a stitch in my left side. I found that if I curled up in a fetal position I could at least get some sleep. I found that really taking it easy for several days helped to get me through the first couple of weeks. After about two to three weeks I felt better. My stent was left in place through two lithotripsies and was later removed in September (about two and half months after the insertion). If you can take some time off, you might want to. I did return to work with my stent in (I'm a school bus driver), but that was exhausting too. I don't drink coffee either.
Do you know what kind of stones you have? You really should find out so you can at least try to avoid forming more.
Good luck and listen to what your body is telling you, likely there is a reason for it!