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mass upper pole right kidney
CountryLady46 posted:
Recently I was sick with a bad sinus infection, had x-rays done, then had a CT scan done cause they saw a small spot on a lung. Well got results back on CT scan, lungs are fine BUT they did see a mass involving the upper pole of my right kidney. My question is: please name all the possible things that this mass could be please. My Doc seems to think it is a simple renal cyst that will not need anything done to it but keep track of it and watch it over a period of time...also it was noted on the report that there was NO blood flow noted w/in the area, is that good? bad? I had an Ultrasound done of both kidneys this morning but won't have results till this Monday, left kidney is said to be in great shape..I am just worried about the big C word and if I need to get a second opinion or what? I DO trust my Doc, he has treated me well and honest with everything he does..Thanks
John-SKPT responded:
The standard thing would be to watch and repeat evaluations over a period of time. If it is a cyst they are almost always left alone.

The fact that there is NOT a high level of vascularization and blood flow in the (I am assuming) area of the mass is probably a good sign: tumors are generally highly vascular and the malignant ones depend on a huge blood flow to support their rapid growth.

Let us know what the ultrasound shows, but for now, try not to worry about it. There are more reasons not to worry that there are to worry. The odds are in your favor.
kcweb responded:
When you get results as to the size of the mass, please let us know.
Anna711 responded:
Hi all! New here. I am trying to find out (I was just told I have a indeterminate 2 cm mass in the upper pole of my left kidney that the Dr. wants to follow)....does anyone know what "hipotic" or something that sounds like high- pot- ic may mean in describing the mass? My Dr's office called me the other day to give me the results and it sounded like she said "hipotic" mass and I cannot find out what that may mean anywhere.

Good luck to you CountryLady46! I know they say not to worry but it is hard.
John-SKPT responded:
You need to find out exactly what the word was. "Hepatic" sounds close but relates to the liver. "Hypotic" is a possibility but it's not a real word that I know of. "Hypocritical" is a real word but isn't very close to what you think you heard. It could be "hypo-" plus almost any other syllable, "hypo-" just meaning "low" or "below" but we need to know what the whole word was.

Get the ultrasound or other imaging reports and let us know exactly what it says.
Anna711 responded:
My US report said "2 cm hypoechoic area in left upper kidney" and "may be cystic but cannot rule out solid renal mass". The Dr. said I should come back for another ultrasound in 6 months.
John-SKPT responded:
OK that sounds reasonable. hypoechoic just means that the ultrasound did not reflect as strongly from that area as expected from normal tissue.

The cyst would probably be the best outcome since they almost never cause problems and are just found accidentally when looking for something else. The radiologist could not rule out a mass (which may or may not be a tumor, and if it is, it may or may not need to be removed.

The cautious advice would be exactly what your doc suggested: watch it over a period of time and if it remains largely unchanged, then just ignore it.

If the next time they focus the ultrasound over the kidney instread of on some other system, then the images will be clearer and the radiologist might be able to say definitely that it is just a cyst. Otherwise the protocol remains the same: just watch it and if it does not change rapidly over 6-18 months, it's not significant.

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