Circumaortic/Retroaortic left renal
4rabbits posted:
Can anyone tell me what a circumaortic/retroaortic left renal vein is? This showed up on my MRI test and I'm curious. I can't find much on the internet other than it is some type of defect.
John-SKPT responded:
The two real veins normally empty into the inferior vena cava, essentially the venous counterpart to the aorta.

circumaortic would indicate a renal vein that sort of loops across the aorta instead of going straight to the inferior vena cava, and retroaortic would indicate a renal vein that passes behind the aorta.

That's the anatomy. I cannot tell you what, if any, medical complications might arise from this configuration. I suspect that if the affected renal vein is otherwise normal and is not being compressed by any other structure, then it is just a thing worth noting and has no real medical significance.

Radiologists generally report EVERYTHING that they see in a set of images, even if it is medically insignificant.
An_254469 replied to John-SKPT's response:
I have the same thing. Does anyone know the medical significance of this?