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Cola colored/black urine
Ipcoke posted:
41 YRO F Long history of uti/kidney infections(since childhood) Multiple kidney stones Multiple bi-lateral kidney cysts(before the age of 40) I had one now I have multiple bilateral Up to 500+ blood in urine for years both micro/macro(without presence of infection) Protein in urine 100+ daily Family history Polycystic Kidney Disease Alport's Syndrome As of 6 months ago: Brown/black cola/tea colored urine lasting 7 to 30 days longest period of semi-clear urine 13 days. Started out darkest in the AM and would clear during the day, to staying dark all day. So basically I have cola/brown/black urine almost daily now for 6 months. When it is "normal" it's NEON in color. Metallic taste Headaches(migraines) Leg cramps Arm pain(feeling of someone ripping my arms off) Severe itchy skin Crave salt Weight loss 10 lbs(5'4 99 lbs) Excrutiating pain underneath my left shoulder blade Acute abdominal spasms(feel like charley horses) Hoarse voice R Knee pain(my joint freezes and cracks when I try to get up after bending down) Burning/tingling sensation mostly head/face area Excrutiating kidney pain(constant kidney pain) Severe fatigue Jaundice Abnormal cycles I have had 1 cbc 6 months ago - was told all is well 1 CT - showing multiple bilateral cysts and 1 6 mm stone I have had many stones- never had any of these symptoms before. I went to ER (almost 2 months ago)at a very reputable hospital when I was up north visiting for the holidays, NO KIDNEY STONE! I purchased urine test strips with 10 readings Blood in urine off the stick theres so much blood (hemoglobin) Protein 30+ everyday no other readings test positive. I was told my liver is 100% I am not a drinker nor a drug user. I won't take any meds even for the pain- I will occasionally take an excedrin. About once a week I get the severe ab spasms (located upper ab across the front from rib to rib mostly R sided.) I had blood work done(ana,dna, C3 etc) up north and had them mailed to GP down south, I am still waiting to call my GP because I am caught in the middle of not wanting to know and being disgusted if they should tell me that all is well- in whose world? Please let me know if anyone out there has had or has these symptoms. I would love to hear from ya! (I DO NOT have hepatitis or hiv). Thanks so much Hip

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