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High creatinine and low EFGR values
xblitz44x posted:
I went to the doctor last week because I've been feeling tired/drowsy/depressed for about as long as I can remember. I'm 28, about 6 ft tall, 185 lbs, athletic build. He ordered a blood test.

The blood test came back that, on top of having extremely low testosterone, my kidney values were all over the place. My creatinine number showed as 7.4 (normal is apparently less than 1.9). My EFGR score came in at 4.

I have been consuming a rather high amount of protein due to trying to build muscle, and I also supplement creatine. Could that be enough to cause those values or do you think I have something to worry about.

Thank you very much.
MrsCora01 responded:
I'm sorry to tell you that if your kidneys are functioning nornally, the addition of creatine and eating a lot of protein will not affect your lab values. It seems that you do have a legitimate problem. It is a testament to what great shape you are in that you are not sicker than you are. You definitely need to keep in contact with your doctor who will probably repeat the labs. I am not a doc, but given the numbers, you do have a serious problem.

Keep us posted and feel free to ask lots of questions as they come up for you. I'm sure our "resident expert" John will be able to add more for you.

xblitz44x replied to MrsCora01's response:
Hi MrsCora,

I just wanted to say thanks for replying. I expect to hear from my physician at some point today and will post an update in case anyone else is going through a similar situation.

I really appreciate the response. Have a great day.
John-SKPT replied to xblitz44x's response:

You are just wasting money and possibly endangering your health.

The function of normal kidneys is to keep protein IN the blood and filter junk OUT. But when the system is overloaded with vast amounts of the large albumin molecules, the kidneys are forced to excrete them and this often can damage the glomeruli irreparably.

The excretion of protein breakdown byproduts (of which creatinine is a major part) can also stress kidneys, but it MIGHT not be damaging, even though it would throw your lab numbers way off base.

Protein going into the stomach has to take a long route to protein/albumin in the blood: the gut breaks protein into amino acid chains, then the liver has to reassemble albumin from those amino acids. They body normally tries to balance all of this stuff out, but when a strangely and massively supplemented diet starts to overload things, all sorts of weird things begin to happen.)

If your serum albumin is relatively normal (3.5 - 5.0 gm/dL) once you have been off the protein overload for a month or so, then that's all the protein that the body can use or can safely manage.

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