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kidney spasms
hardydog posted:
I have been having spasms (not painful...tight and a little uncomfortable) in my right kidney for the last 2 days. This happens every couple of weeks. I have chronic kidney stones...I'm wondering what the spasms mean and why it only happens on one side.
John-SKPT responded:
There is really nothing in the kidney itself that could spasm'. There are muscles all around it that might contract uncontrollably, and the ureters might have a very tiny contraction, but that would probably be nearly imperceptable.

Probably you should see your doctor and have the area looked at with ultrasound to see if there are other stones trying to move down the ureter, or else take a look at the muscles of the mid-back.
cynsue75 responded:
This is total BS you can and will have pain in the kidney especially if you have had multiple trauma due to kidney stones and lithotripsy....after 32 kidney stones and litho 7 times I think that makes the patient the expert on the symptons...your body will never lie to you
John-SKPT replied to cynsue75's response:
Just one point about "total BS": the original poster said "spasms". The second reply said "pain".

The two things are not the same at all, medically speaking. So my answer concerning "spasms" stands as correct.

If we want to be accurate, we need not to mix up apples and oranges; they are different.
cynsue75 replied to John-SKPT's response:
Pain is it spasm or other....i want to ask have you ever had kidney stones?: Or litho? pain is apples and oranges and when you have pain you get a frigin fruit salad and Drs out there need to start listening to patients..especially the ones who are experienced in this and by that I mean the patient going thru this! Not the Dr who is just going on what he has learned in his medical journals
John-SKPT replied to cynsue75's response:
My point was that we should not make ANY assumptions when addressing others who have mefical questions. It's too easy to go down the wrong road when one takes very limited information about one person and treats that information as if it applied directly to their own case.

It's just not safe or accurate to assume that one thing is another; in a few cases the two might be similar, but in an equal number the two things might be very different.

Now, if there were two extensive medical histories to compare, it might be easier to draw parallels between the two.

Otherwise, it's potentially misleading.
cynsue75 replied to John-SKPT's response:
You are either a Dr or a med student...that much i can tell.. I would never want to lead someone down the wrong road I am just saying when you have kidney pain its like child birth you will never deny what it is and some Dr or med student can not tell you that what you are feeling is 100% not your kidney be it pain or spasm..and absolutely have a Dr check it out but always go with your instinct your body never lies.....
cynsue75 replied to cynsue75's response:
And you didn't answer my ? have you had kidney stones kidney pain kidney spasms or litho?
peaches2532 replied to cynsue75's response:
I just had lithotripsy for a large kidey stone and had a stent. The doctor removed the stent today and said I might have spasms, while I continue to pass the pieces. Have you experienced these? can you give me a rough idea of the pain associated? I've been experiencing some "pain" that I hadn't before and was wondering if it is caused by spasms...Thanks

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