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primary MD appt on 4/29
Tikasiamese posted:
Just came from my primary Dr appt on 4/29 (yesterday). Found out that my GF is 43. Creatine levels are just a few tenths of a point higher than it should be (I can't remember off hand what the norm is but if the normal was 1.5, I might be a 1.7, something like that). Should I be concerned about this # at this stage in the game. I was told that my PKD is at the earliest stages. I have to schedule a CT scan. Also, instead of referring me to a nephrologist, she referred me to a urologist. Is this ok? Maybe I should call the primary office and ask what the reason is, or should I just play dumb and call the urology office and ask whether or not they accept PKD patients. I just find it odd.
john-skpt responded:
Estimated GFR can vary significantly without really being very significant. (I don't know what test method was used to arrive at the 43 you mention, so it might be more, or it might be less, accurate.)

The main thing to watch with serum creatinine and eGFR is how much it changes over time. A snapshot taken from one single test really is hard to judge.

As for the docs: the urologist would be the surgeon that would do something if it ever comes to that, a nephrologist would be the one to manage the biochemistry of the kidneys, electrolyte balance, fluid balance, blood pH, other blood chemistry.
Tikasiamese replied to john-skpt's response:
ok, John. I will make an appt with the urologist to see what he says. Sounds like they want me to see him for a consultation only. I'll make it when I get back from my vacation next week (5/9-5/15).

Right now, I am asymptomatic and at this time, she wants to keep track of things. I have another blood test script the PA gave me to be done within 6 months (I see them again in November but will do the blood test in October). I also have to get a CT scan, it will be done after 5/15.

The GFR only went down a point from 44 to a 43 in the past 6 months. I've had 3 normal readings of BP. they want me to monitor the BP.

Thanks again for your help!

john-skpt replied to Tikasiamese's response:
That sounds good; at least no one is in a real hurry to push ahead with any treatment. Watching is probably the best thing now.

44 to 43 is really insignificant. I'd worry if it went from 40 to 30 in one year, but the really small changes just aren't worth worrying about.

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