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stage 3
herewegonow posted:
I have stage 3 ckf and now I get tired and sleepy, my left and right flanks are cold to the touch, and also have lots of foam. I take cozaar every night. My hands swell up as well as my legs above my ankles and I function at 50% but life is good. SMILE *___*
MrsCora01 responded:
Welcome. Glad to hear you are doing well. I was pre-dialysis for well over 20 years. I personally found that cutting out both sodium and caffeine helped with my swelling.

Tikasiamese responded:
great to hear that here we go now, I am at 43% function but feel like 90%, asymptomatic. I guess everyone is different with their pkd. I do get tired (mostly its because I just got over DCIS breast cancer and rads last month). No problems with my left and right flanks and no foam (not sure what that is?? is this something I should be worried about?). No swelling in the hands or legs. Life is good here too..
herewegonow replied to Tikasiamese's response:
Hi Tik, foam is in urnie, the more foam the more protein in it. That is what my Kibney Dr. told me.My kidney problems started by taking way to many Excredin Migrane tabs. 28 to 30 a month for over a 1 1/2 years. But my problem pales to what my friend is going thru. He had a baseball size tumor in his colon attached to his spleen and I thought my stuff sucked. Have a great day. SMILE *___* Uncle Jessie
herewegonow replied to MrsCora01's response:
Hi MrsCora, after awhile I just get used to alot of whats going on in my body. I have ringing in my ears, my wife did not know it and swelling well it just works itself out. But I am alive and get to reply to your email and hope everything is going good on your end. SMILE *___* Uncle Jessie

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