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lining of the kidney
Pineridgefarm posted:
I was told that the lining of my kidneys are thinning and that it is not usually fatal.  Does anyone know anything about this?  I have tried to research this, but I have not been able to find anything on this subject.
John-SKPT responded:
"Lining" is not very specific. (It really doesn't help patients at all when doctors try to over-simplify things.)

It's possible that the reference was to a thinning glomerular basement membrane. Thin GBM disease or thin GBM nephropathy has a generally excellent prognosis. The main thing as time passes would be to control blood pressure and to keep an eye on increasing protein in urine.

"Lining" could mean other things as well, but you'd have to ask the doc to be more specific.
Pineridgefarm replied to John-SKPT's response:
Thank Your for the information.  I will bring it up with my doctor again.
Pineridgefarm responded:
I began having kidney pain and ended up having a ct scan and a ultrasound of my kidneys and they found again a thinning lining of both; multiple small cysts on both ; possible calcifications in both and one slightly larger unknown mass in one kidney.  I don't have a diagnosis yet and I'm becoming a little scared. Anyone with an idea?
GrannyMooCow replied to Pineridgefarm's response:
I know it has been along time for you 10 months, these are the same symptoms as i have been having. so have they found out what is wrong with you.. I am a lot scared and have no idea what to do, I have had 2 surgeries to take out mass that has formed in my kidney the first time i was given a stent which came partially out and I had to remove it myself. My ureter also had to be stretched. My ankles now swell and i have to many to count charlie horses through out the day. My doctor is currently on vacation and I went in for an ultrasound 3 days after my second surgery because of kidney pain they have seen another mass, ( which the doctor is saying that it is the lining of my kidney) i cant find anywhere where they talk about this i need to know if the lining is rebuilt on a regular basis or if it is gone when it is gone. Please if anyone has any information about this please let me know... thanks
John-SKPT replied to GrannyMooCow's response:
Unfortunately we still don't know exactly what the term 'lining' refers to. The GBM does not often regenerate. The outer "capsule" can improve if the underlying cause can be corrected. And there are several layers of tissue inside the capsule that this might refer to: cortex, medulla. This might refer to the lining of a cyst, it could even refer to the intima of the renal artery.

So, sorry, but it's hard to understand what the docs are seeing without some specific descriptions and terminology.

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