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    Kidney Polyp
    chuckHaley posted:
    My brother has a kidney polyp. They have not founf cancer. However, the Doctor wants to remove his kidney anyway. Is this normal proceedure?
    John-SKPT responded:
    It's a tough call to make since all polyps are not the same. It depends (1) on exactly where it is (I suspect that it might be in the renal pelvis, a common location), and (2) on whether a qualified urologist thinks that biopsy is safe or not.

    In some cases, renal lesions are not safe to biopsy because, though the benign or cancerous state can be determined until the biopsy sample is removed, removing a tissue sample has a risk of spreading a few random cells into surrounding tissue. So if it turns out NOT to be benign, then the biopsy procedure itself has vastly increased the risk of metastasis. So in those cases, the safest thing is just to excise the entire organ.

    The other option might be to watch and wait, to see if any rapid changes occur. Conservative, but with some risk.

    Other factors need to be considered, for example how friable or prone to repeated bleeding the area surrounding the lesion might be.

    If the current doc is not a board certified urologist, I'd say to get evaluated by one before doing anything drastic.
    chuckHaley replied to John-SKPT's response:

    Thank you for your response on my brother's kidney polyp.
    It is comforting to know there is a place to go where you can get a non-biased opinion on medical issues,

    I feel better for my brother knowing that the first opinion was not a random one.

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays

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