Kidney Stone Removal
momsly posted:
I am a 40 year old female who has been passing stones without surgical intervention since 1994. However, I started having symptoms without relief on 02/24/11. I spoke to the urology office who of course said push fluids. I finally wound up in the emergency room on 03/06/11, they did a CAT scan & found several stones that they said I probably would not pass and that they would fax the report over to the urology office. The very next morning I get a call telling me to report to the hospital where they place a jj stent do a cysto & a biopsy. I really do not care too much for the urologist that I have, but was relieved that he happened to be out of town that day, so one of the others doctors did the procedures. My questions is that no stones were removed that day & that I was scheduled to report back to the hospital in one week to have the stones removed. According to the orders that were mailed to me, it appears that they are going to do another cysto, jj stent urs & what looks like hlsr? I can figure out what everything means except the hlsr, any ideas. By the way I have a 8mm, a 7x5, 6mm & 3 3mm.
Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Momsly,

WebMD has some information about kidney stones that might help. I hope you feel better soon, please keep us updated.