Hypodensity in kidneys
LRHagan posted:
I got an MRI done which states in part in the results:
"there is a hypodensity within the superior pole of the left kidney measuring approximately 17MM". "Hypodensity is not clearly a simple cyst". Further evaluation would be recommended with Ultrasound.

I have an appointment for ultrasound on Wednesday, the 21st and appointment with family doctor on Thursday the 22nd.

Original MRI was done on May 27th, but results were not reported to me until I asked for a copy of my records by mail.

Anyone know anyone with this condition?
John-SKPT responded:
"Hypodense" does not really name a condition,. rather it is a description of what the radiologist saw in the images.

Hypodensity can indicate a wide variety of things: cysts (apparently ruled out in this instance), some might be tumors, some might be due to damaged but benign tissue, accumulations of fat, even inflamed areas from infection.

The follow-up ultrasound is the best thing to do next, then discuss those results with your doctor.