Kidney Pain during Adrenaline Rush
gitech82 posted:
I am a 29 year old male with a hx of some urinary problems. I have had extensive testing and determined there is absolutely nothing wrong with my Kidneys. They are functioning well.

That having been said, I have some interesting symptoms that I've seen many others have online, but nobody including my Urologist knows what it is.

When I get an adrenaline rush (fight or flight), I get pain in each of my Kidneys at the exact same time. Every time I feel my heart beat I have a sharp pain go through both of my Kidneys at the EXACT same time. It's not just one or the other and it's perfectly in synch with my heartbeat. Anyone ever heard of this or why it may be happening?

I understand the adrenal glands are just above the kidneys and they are responsible for producing adrenaline. My Urologist is less than interested in trying to examine or understand this condition. I know I'm not the only person having it.

I would deal with the pain except that when in the car and something happens that angers or scares me, the pain becomes incapacitating. I actually had to pull over and wait for it to pass. Last time I went to the hospital and they weren't very interested in helping me either.

Anyone with any answer whatsoever would be helpful.
john-skpt responded:
I've had something similar happen on rare occasions. In my case it is located in the lower back, on both sides, but in the softer, fleshy area just above the hip bones toward the back.

So this does not seem to be kidneys, since it is too low on the body. I suspect that it is just the sudden contraction of a seldom-used muscle that is normally not very strong.
conniezimmermann responded:
Hi giTech82, I know this is an old thread where you posted about your kidney/back pain, but I am wondering if you ever found a solution?

I am experiencing the same issue, and have self-diagnosed myself as having Adrenal Fatigue, but would like to know if there are any tests which can give me more of a definitive diagnosis. I recently had the blood-pressure test, where they take your pressure lying down, and then again immediately when you stand, and if the pressure drops, it is supposed to be an indication of an adrenal problem.

Are you well now? Is the problem gone? I hope you are doing great, and feeling fantastic.

Any info you can provide would be appreciated.
john-skpt replied to conniezimmermann's response:
Regarding the BP drop: This is known as 'orthostatic hypotension' and generally reflects some overall vascular condition, or sometimes 'hypovolemia', lower than ideal fluid volume in the bloodstream. But it has dozens of other causes, including a laundry list of medications.

As for adrenal insufficiency: there are blood tests to check levels of the adrenal hormones, but it is not a routinely administered test, so your doc will have to order it and have it added on to a general set of metabolic panels.