Anon_12802 posted:
Is there anything you can safely take for chronic diarreha when you have Kidney disease..And is chronic diarreha a part of stage 4? I take Zocor and they took me off of it thinking that might be the culprit but that was 3 days ago and i still go at least 2x's a day. There are days i can't control it. Very frustrating! I can't even go to dinner with my family because most times it happens after i eat. My meds are metopolol 100mg, dilitizem 120mg, lisinopril10mg, norvasc 2.5mg. This has been going on for 2 yrs. Any help would be appreciated..TY
John-SKPT responded:
You really need to ask your doctors. They might suggest something like Immodium for occasional use, but I'm not at all sure about taking it on a daily, long term basis. So ask a professional.

(I'm just wondering: are you having any peripheral edema, ankles, lower legs, wrists swelling up? It might be the body trying to rid itself of excess fluid in any way possible, and some is finding it's way out through the intestine. Are you yet on a fluid restricted regimen?)
kay0922 replied to John-SKPT's response:
No edema..I feel just fine except for this..I did go to the DR like i said and he just told me to stop taking the zocor for a month and see. My weight hasen't changed a bit..No i have not been restricted yet..I'am at stage 4 yet all my labs are normal except the bun and creat..creat 2.1 bun 23.. phosphorus and hgb are well within normal limits and so are all other labs..I run protein in my urine but not very high amounts...
John-SKPT replied to kay0922's response:
Thanks for added details. Sorry but I have no idea. It could be that the GI distress is a separate thing from the renal function. You might want to consider talking to a gastroenterologist.