Long Term Painkiller Use Linked to Kidney Cancer
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Click the link for the results of this study showing that long-term, regular use of non-aspirin anti-inflammatory painkillers raises the likelihood of developing kidney cancer by more than 50%, a study shows.

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asteris responded:
After a car accident 9/29/2012 I was on ibuprofen until couple of months ago. Early 2013 I had chronic bronchitis inflammation and took an antibiotic per MD prescription. Don't remember the name. What I do remember, that my kidney function plummeted down. My mom suffered from renal failure, so I know the symptoms. Eventually, I learned Ipobrufen might be at fault and stopped taking it. Whatever inflammation or infection, I avoid antibiotics. But my back is still killing me, I lost an inch and half from my height in about a year after that accident and now I'm on Talenol, 3-4 per day, 500 ml or 650. I know my kidneys are failing. Rapidly and badly. I wonder if diet change might help? Any supplements? Only please don't refer me to my doctor. I'm too sick to deal with incompetence or trying to find a better one. Thank you.