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I have a uti and severe kidney pain, Is this common?
fluffy_von posted:
I have a uti and such bad kidney pain that I can hardly move, I cant bend down and it hurts more than I can explain. the pain comes and goes like contractions.I went to the er last night and they didnt run anything other than a urinalisis which mostly came up inconclusive except high wbc count and high rbc count. Dr was rude wouldnt listen and did no other test gave me a shot of anti-biotics and sent me on my way with motrin. im nasous, have headaches and Im not sure if its all just related to uti. Its really scaring me because I am a drug addict and the drug Ive had a problem with damages your kidneys.( I just found out). I told the dr everything and he sent me away anyways. also any tips on how to decrease the pain at home?
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john-skpt responded:
I'm going to offer you the advice that you did not want to hear: you need a physician who is able to do more thorough tests than the ER can manage, and who can follow your recovery in a way that ER's are just not set up to do. (They are great for managing a gunshot wound or a heart attack, but for conditions that need longer term follow up, they just don't have a good way to do that.)

Call around in your town, and find a community health center that can track your case for more than a day.
desiree66 responded:
my daughter is going through the same thing, she had kidney stones a couple years ago and was worried it might be that, her dr. has made her an appointment for tomarrow witha kidney specialist. she also told her it might be something called calserosis, or something like that. any ways we'll find out more tomarrow, and i will post it for u what we find out,i will ask the dr. if theres any help for home treating for u as well. sorry for your pain.
grandmakellydty responded:
Sounds to me that you may have have a kidney stone I wss born with msk and pass stones on a regular basis. I you a tens unit and a heating pad for relief along with pain medication.

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