hip arthroscopy
lowjack1 posted:
HI I am 26 years old male and had a hip arthroscopy surgery done to repair a labrum tear. I had the surgery 2 weeks ago with no complications and physical therapy seems to be going good. I am only wondering if you guys think intercourse would be appropriate after 2 weeks of surgery. If anyone has this done and has some input let me know. Thank you
_swank_ responded:
It's probably best to ask your doctor. However, I think it would be fine as long as you don't get into any position that hurts. I had my hip scoped back in September. My doctor warned me that if I overdid things I was going to pay for it. He was right about that. I set myself back to previous pain levels on a couple of occasions. I'm a female so sex after 2 weeks was out of the question.

I think a lot depends on whether your labrum was repaired, as in sewn together, or if just the torn bits were removed. This makes a big difference in recovery protocol. In my case, part of my labrum was removed so there was really no repair work to damage.
craska replied to _swank_'s response:
I know this was 2 years ago but out of curiosity how long did you have to wait? I had a hip arthroscopy with some bone shaved, a tear repaired and also a tendon cut. My doctors not much help in the area and it's hard to find anything on this. Most websites are about total hip replacements.
_swank_ replied to craska's response:
I can't really remember that far back but it seems like it was about 6 weeks post-op.