Knee replacement rejection
An_244945 posted:
Had TKR 5 weeks ago & about 2 weeks ago started having muscle spasms in my entire leg. What I thought was knee pain from surgery turned out to be major spasms that keep me from bending or straightening my leg & the spasms go up to my hip & down to my toes. Every night I wake up with my entire leg hard as a rock (like a major Charlie horse). It is getting worse each day. I have now had constant spasms for appx. 72 hrs now. The doctor thinks it is my back & sciatica but I have had a bad back for 30 yrs now & have never experienced anytHing like this. It literally feels like my leg is attacking my new knee. Anyone else experience anything like this?
Silver2660 responded:
Try drinkin alot of water. May be your muscles are thirsty. When they are , charlie horses and spasms will get worse.
kjb49 replied to Silver2660's response:
Yes I agree with Silver. Eat bananas and talk to your Dr about your potassium levels.